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MiiPC Android Web Development

At the start of May 2013 whilst browsing Kickstarter, I came across the MiiPC, an Android 4.2 Jelly Bean powered desktop computer. The details on the Kickstarter page that can be viewed here: After reading the MiiPC pledge I decided to back the project for the bargain price of $89 and waited for the project to reach its goal, […]

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Google, SEO

Google Toolbar PageRank Update 6th December 2013

There was speculation of a Google Toolbar PageRank (PR) update on on Friday 6th December 2013 which came as a surprise to the SEO industry following Matt Cutt’s response to a tweet earlier on in the year. Niels Bosch had asked Matt Cutt’s on Twitter if we could expect a Google PageRank update in 2013 as shown below. @mattcutts will […]

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CSS Resets and CSS Modules

I constantly get asked questions regarding how to get more control over layouts from developers and ways in which people can reduce the amount of code in their CSS (cascading style sheets), thus reducing file size and load times. Any improvement on the reduction of CSS file size, impacting on page load speed can benefit pro active SEO strategy, user […]

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AdWords, PPC

How to use Data to Optimise your PPC Campaign

When done right, running a paid search campaign is a quick and effective way of driving more traffic to your website and generating sales. But in order to make the right decisions about your campaign, you need to understand how to access the appropriate data and how to analyse it. Ignoring PPC data can be risky but what’s even more […]

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FireFox OS
FireFox OS, Hardware

ZTE Open Mobile Phone with FireFox OS

The ZTE Open is one of the first mobile phones released to the public running the FireFox OS, a mobile, web based operating system from Mozilla. The FireFox OS is a web based platform, which for me as a Web Designer / Developer means a lot, as I am now able to develop smartphone applications for a platform with my […]

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