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Bing Ads, PPC

Bing Ads Destination URL Auto-Tagging

A request by the Bing Ads community for Microsoft to implement auto-tagging of destination URL’s within an account received a large amount of support from users as can been seen in the request here: Bing Ads has now taken the request and implemented URL auto-tagging within the platform as detailed in the feature announcement here: Destination URL Auto-Tagging […]

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Disable Compiler in Magento to Fix Blank Frontend and Admin Issue

Recently a client experienced an issue with their Magento site displaying a blank white page on the front end and for the admin page when accessed through the browser. With the site completely inaccessible it is impossible to identify any issue within the admin / config. There had been some recent extension installations and tweaks made to settings within Magento, […]

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jQuery, PHP

Creating a Free Delivery Countdown Banner with PHP & jQuery

Recently a client asked us if it was possible to create a banner / call to action on their site which would countdown the time remaining for next day delivery on their e-commerce site. The cut off time which the timer must countdown to is 2:30pm after which the banner must no longer be visible on site. In addition to […]

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Ecommerce, Google Certified Shops

Google Certified Shops Available in the UK

Google has finally rolled out Google Certified Shops in the UK for open signup to businesses / online merchants. Previously in beta within the UK, only a select few, large retailers were able to signup, but now this service is available to all who meet Google’s criteria. You can sign up for a merchant account here: What is Google […]

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Google, https

Google Announce HTTPS as a Ranking Signal

On the 6th August 2014 Google announced that it would now be using https as a ranking signal, rewarding sites that have an active SSL Certificate securing a users browser connection site wide. The official announcement was made on Google’s Official Web Master Central blog on BlogSpot. The full article can be read here: Initially Google say that https […]

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