MiiPC Android Web Development

At the start of May 2013 whilst browsing Kickstarter, I came across the MiiPC, an Android 4.2 Jelly Bean powered desktop computer. The details on the Kickstarter page that can be viewed here: After reading the MiiPC pledge I decided to back the project for the bargain price of $89 and waited for the project to reach its goal, which it did, smashing the $50,000 goal by achieving $175,458. With the project backed I had my order placed and awaited delivery and in November 2013 my MiiPC arrived.

Android Browser Testing

The main reason for me backing this project wasn’t for many of the great features that the MiiPC boasts, but because as a desktop, Android OS based system at a very reasonable price, I was able to have a dedicated machine for browser testing on Android. The idea of having a mouse and keyword hooked up to the machine whilst connected to our offices LAN allows me to browser test in Android web browsers such as Chrome, with ease at various resolutions.

There are many great features to the MiiPC which are detailed on the official site here:

MiiPC Unboxed Images

Here are a few pictures of the device, its robust, well built and performs very well for browser testing my latest projects.

miipc-post-img miipc-post-img miipc-post-img miipc-post-img miipc-post-img