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Google Toolbar PageRank Update 6th December 2013

There was speculation of a Google Toolbar PageRank (PR) update on on Friday 6th December 2013 which came as a surprise to the SEO industry following Matt Cutt’s response to a tweet earlier on in the year.

Niels Bosch had asked Matt Cutt’s on Twitter if we could expect a Google PageRank update in 2013 as shown below.

This tweet got a response from Cutt’s who said that he was doubtful this would happen as can be seen in the exact reply below.

Did the Google PR Update Happen?

We saw some changes in some of our client’s sites PageRank on Friday and received clarification that Google had updated the PR whilst the team were making some fixes to other backend services. The full response and more information can be seen in Matt Cutt’s tweet below.

Google PageRank updates are always welcomed by the industry, but since 2012 they have started to become less frequent, with the last Google PR update being made on 4th February 2013.

PageRank Changes

So if you have either not seen any increase in your sites PageRank, then Matt Cutt’s is on hand to explain in this YouTube video on the Google WebMasters channel:

If you have seen some big up’s or down’s in your sites PR then feel free to drop a comment to discuss.