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Default Username & Password for MySQL Databases in MAMP

MAMP for Mac OS X is a great local development server for local web site development. One question that I always get asked or even forget myself is what the default username and password for MySQL databases are when created in phpMyAdmin in MAMP. On the more recent versions of MAMP the default username for created databases is: root. On […]

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How to Choose a SaaS Vendor for Email Marketing

Software-as-a-Service is the most widely used form of cloud computing, and when it comes to SaaS applications, email marketing is one of the most commonly deployed. Handling your email business in the cloud comes with some unique advantages, including the ability to pay based on your needs and scale resources as your needs change. But with the cloud also comes […]

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Shared Hosting or Virtual Private Server (VPS)? Which is right for you?

It may be a daunting task to figure out which type of hosting would be right for you. Should you go with Shared hosting or would VPS be a better choice? In this article we’re going to take a closer look at the differences between the two so you can choose your hosting solution wisely. Why Choose Shared Hosting? Shared […]

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