PPC Consultant Nottingham

Mathew Porter is a Bing Ads accredited professional

Mathew Porter is a Google Partner AdWords Certified Professional

PPC or Pay Per Click marketing is an effective method of marketing your businesses services or products online. As the name states, you pay each time that your advertisement is clicked by a user, with advertisements showing a variety of locations that are available per platform.

PPC advertising is most common on 2 platforms, search engine giants Google AdWords platform and Bing’s newly rebranded Bing Ads, formerly Microsoft AdCenter. Many search engine marketers will neglect to utilise Bing which offers an extra stream of visitors (also include Yahoo) at generally a much lower CPA, so simply porting the campaign is a cheaper method of increasing traffic and sales.

On the Adwords platform the primary location that ads can show is on the Google search engines results page (SERP). Focussed ads targeting specific keywords will show above the organic results when a user searches for that keyword. A variety of other ad types are available to an advertiser on the AdWords platform along with other placements across the Google ad network. The same statement also applies to the Bing Ads and Yahoo Gemini platforms.

There are many other ad types now available to advertisers such as display (text, image rich media, video and HTML5 ad types), shopping & PLA’s (product listing ads) and video (available on YouTube) across the various Google networks. Some similar ad formats are also available on Bing Ads and other social media advertising platforms but may vary slightly in terms of configurations and format.

Pay Per Click is not exclusive to these platforms, there are various industry specific search engines that offer paid ad services and in recent years social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn offer their own paid marketing solutions. The ad formats and data rich targeting options on these social networks to an audience that’s actively engaged on the social network can also be an additional traffic source for advertisers.

PPC can be a very prosperous way of increasing your online enquiries or sales as part of your online marketing strategy. The benefits of paid marketing is the immediate impact in generating traffic by setting up your campaigns and turning them on instead of the longer time in which an SEO strategy would take to implement and see increased rankings.

Ecommerce PPC

The fast paced online retail space requires multi marketing channel strategies to compete in a rapidly evolving space. WIth over 8 years experience and specific focus on Ecommerce, you can be sure that I can help with your Ecommerce campaigns.

Utilising a firm understanding of online retail I can help build, manage or consult you on your campaigns, building them from product level upwards making the ads and traffic as targeted and refined as possible and delivering visitors as far into your buying process as possible whilst making the landing pages as relevant as possible. Features such as Shopping / Product Listing Ads (PLA’s) and ad extensions can be utilised to maximise click through rates (CTR) whilst minimising Cost Per Click (CPC), with lower Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) resulting in increased ROI.

Management & Consultancy

With over 12 years experience in online marketing working on Local and National campaigns for Service Sector and Ecommerce, Retail Sector campaigns you can be sure that your campaigns will be in safe hands when managed by my Google Partner & Bing Ads accredited agency.

Discuss your potential project and see how you can increase your ROI, use the contact details here: click for contact page.